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Stephen M. Reid and Associates, Inc. offers strategic operational analysis and planning as well as customized training programs. Emergency service agencies, associations and private industry are the target market. When you work with Stephen M. Reid and Associates, Inc. you get the real deal!

We offer a unique combination of experience and knowledge. Our personnel combine extensive knowledge of fire protection, fire departments and their operations, and managing organizational improvement.

Stephen M. Reid

As consultants, we also draw on successful models of other organizations that have dealt with similar challenges. This case based approach offers unique insight into lessons learned from others’ efforts. We get results that others often can't.

We don't try to reinvent the wheel or make your organization fit into a predetermined, pre-cut problem solving cubbyhole. We view each project as a challenge of the clients’ organization. We realize that every client is different. The people are different. And the needs are different. Only the mission is the same: provide your community and/or your customers with great service.

We have a different approach, a different philosophy. Our mission is to help you by presenting alternatives and showing you new options. We are cut-to-the-chase, results-oriented problem solvers. Our consultants have all run successful operations. They are still active in their specific field of expertise.

Regardless of the industry, we specialize in working in dynamic, rapidly changing, highly visible environments; places that require outstanding people skills, demand excellent customer service and accept no margin for error.

Our consulting services are customized to meet your precise needs. Services can be provided both on-site and on-line. However, before we can adequately assist you, a site visit is almost always needed. Why an on-site visit? Simply stated, the issue(s) that drive you to call us are often just symptoms of a much larger disease that may otherwise be overlooked.

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