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NIMS Courses
National Incident Management System related training is one of the important elements that state, territorial, tribal and local entities must complete as they work toward becoming fully compliant with the NIMS.  Jurisdictions are required to meet FY 2007 NIMS requirements as a condition of receiving federal preparedness funding assistance in FY 2008.

It is important to recognize that NIMS implementation will not end in FY 2007.  NIMS is a dynamic system and the doctrine and implementation requirements will continue to evolve as our prevention, preparedness, response and recovery capabilities improve and our homeland security landscape changes.  New personnel will need NIMS training and NIMS processes will have to be exercised in future years.

The successful implementation of NIMS depends on the participation and integration of all state, territorial and community-based organizations, including public, non-governmental and private organizations that may have a role in preparing for or responding to an incident.

States, territories, tribes and local jurisdictions should consider and include appropriate organizations in their NIMS implementation efforts, including private sector emergency medical and hospital providers, transportation systems, utilities and special facilities such as industrial plants, nuclear power plants, factories, military facilities, stadiums and arenas.

Full NIMS implementation is a dynamic and multi-year process with important linkages to the National Response Plan, the Homeland Security Presidential Directive – 8 (i.e. the “National Preparedness Goal”) and the National Infrastructure Plan.  Future refinement to the NIMS will evolve as policy and technical issues are further developed and clarified at the national level.  This may well result in additional requirements as to what constitutes full NIMS compliance in FY 2007 and beyond.


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